What is Thermal Cleaning

The “thermal cleaning”  is the process by which, by means of heat, metals are cleaned, disinfected and stripped of paint. Traces of not only paint, but also polymers are eliminated.

The Ciroldi range of thermal cleaning ovens

For paint-stripping and thermal cleaning, Ciroldi produces three lines of ovens that precisely allow the total cleaning of hooks, racks, grids, metal objects, etc., used in painting processes (in particular with powder), as well as the elimination of plastic coatings, resins, adhesives, etc. by means of a pyrolytic process conducted under controlled temperature conditions. Not only power (heat), but also precision so as not to waste heat (and therefore money) unnecessarily.

The ideal ovens for thermal painting and thermal cleaning belong to the Pirozeta, Piromotor and Piromax lines.

The PIROZETA series ovens represent the economical but fully reliable solution for any problem of paint stripping or pyrolytic elimination of resins and coatings containing potentially aggressive components (PVC). The ovens of the

PIROMOTOR series, the result of consolidated experience, ensure functionality, ease of use and full compliance with international regulations on emissions; they have the dual function of drying or removing resins from electrical windings and pyrolytic paint stripping of metal materials.

The PIROMAX series – the result of the experience gained with the construction and installation of over two hundred systems of the previous Piromec series, is characterized by its decidedly innovative concept that puts it at the forefront of other similar ovens on the market.

 More about thermal cleaning?

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