Ciroldi Cremators,
paint strippers, stainless steel products,
incinerators, etc.

Ciroldi Spa has been producing crematory ovens, stainless steel products, paint strippers, selling them all over the world for 50 years, while innovating.

Ciroldi produces
and sells incinerators
all over the world

Present in 5 continents with paint strippers too.

Ciroldi uses the
"Thermal Cleaning"

Thermal cleaning is a combined process involving pyrolysis and oxidation.

Manufacturers of cremation ovens

The Ciroldi Spa company, based in Modena (Italy), has been working in the design, construction and installation of plants for the thermal destruction and incineration of different types of solid, organic and industrial waste for fifty years.


Human cremation furnaces




Ovens for paint-stripping / Thermal cleaning


Inox Products


Pet cremators


Recycling precious metals


Combustion plants


Special treatments


Heat recovery plants and fumes purification


The special features of our company are represented by solidity, compactness, high technological and functional level, as well as full compliance with the most restrictive environmental regulations.

Structured range of systems

Each type of Ciroldi product is available in a range that covers every requirement and can be customised with numerous accessories.

Solidity and quality

The best materials and skilled labour make our products solid and long-lasting. Quality control and final pre-delivery test are your guarantee.

Respect for the environment

We already respect the environment during the manufacture of our products in our factory surrounded by greenery. Each plant complies with current environmental regulations.

Over 50 years of experience behind us

Sometimes a trademark is used to indicate a type of product. In Italy, if you say “crematorium” people think “Ciroldi”.

User friendly technology

The reputation of our products and their solidity have not made us rest on our laurels but rather we have integrated them with the most modern technologies and software.

Well known worldwide

We are world leader  and export to all continents. We are appreciated everywhere for the quality of the installations and for the after-sales service.

Leader in the World

In addition to the above mentioned plants, for which there are hundreds of references in Italy and in the world, also thanks to the remarkable experience acquired in this field, Ciroldi has developed a structured range of plants for the cremation of corpses.

  • Our Experience 100% 100%
  • Technology achieved 100% 100%
  • Respect for the environment 100% 100%


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Fairs of 2024

Fairs of 2024

This year too Ciroldi Spa will be present at the sector fairs. 4 - 6 April...

Ciroldi Goes Global!

Ciroldi Goes Global!

Today is an exciting day for us at Ciroldi! We are shipping our revolutionary...

Trento, The new crematorium goes into operation


The new “Crematorium Temple” created by Ciroldi spa for the Municipality of Trento has been operational since autumn 2021. The Crematorium of Trento serves not only the city, but also the affiliated Comini and has a capacity of twelve cremations a day.

Naples, Poggioreale Cemetery: “Zeus”,  the crematorium oven, ARRIVES!


An evocative name, ‘Zeus’, for the crematorium oven in the Poggioreale cemetery in Naples. Today the installation of the plant, expected for eighteen years, in the presence of the mayor Luigi de Magistris and the councilor with responsibility for the Cemeteries Alessandro Fucito. The plant – as explained – has a potential of over two thousand cremations a year, was built with cutting-edge technologies, provides “a high technological and functional level” and responds “fully to the most restrictive environmental regulations”.