If you are looking for paint stripping ovens and thermal cleaning machines, consider our furnaces and ovens .

PIROMAX process offers a valid alternative to the traditional mechanical de painting systems:
by hand with abrasives, with the use of chemical solvents or with cryogenic processes, which is very expensive.
Solvents are also expensive, not reclaimable and with increasing difficulties for disposal, while burn-off in open air turns out to be very dangerous, due to the high pollution in atmosphere.
The main advantages that new PIROMAX models have, in comparison with the previous FOURNACES , are:
1. the stripping chamber is completely free from any obstacle because the flame tunnel is placed in the rear part of the furnace; therefore, we have the maximum exploitation of the chamber volume
2. the fumes distribution system inside the chamber is studied to guarantee the best uniformity of the temperature by means of an appropriate fumes collecting device that connects primary to secondary chamber.
3. the structure is monolithic with lower thermal dispersions with resulting energetic saving.
4. the control of the combustion is carried out during the burning phase of the paint, by the fan of the burner with the modulation of the air carried out by a motorized gate operated by the PLC.
The carrying trolley could be designed according to the specific customer’s necessities.

The system has the following advantages:
a) All process is performed with a not-direct action of flame and with low temperature (450°C max.), in order to avoid any thermal strain.
b) Temperature is continuously controlled by a special thermoregulation, managed by a microprocessor.
c) Flue gas treatment reduces exhaust gas pollution up to lower values than the ones accepted by law.
d) No material handling during the thermal process.
e) Maximum safety systems with prevention devices to avoid any access of the workers during the use.
f) Lower working cost with reference to other de-painting systems.
g) No relevant maintenance requirements.



The PIROMAX SERIES – in eight models that characterize the two vertical versions (VT) and horizontal (OR) – is a result of experience gained from installing hundreds of the previous Piromec series and is considered its evolution and optimization. Its building characteristics and technology make it cutting edge compared to traditional furnaces which continue to be made by the competition.


PIROMAX OR series are particularly suitable for resistant and/or heavy mechanical pieces which can be stacked on the load tray.

The technological innovations introduced after the previous series, make the furnaces in the Piromax series stand out for their:

  • maximum use of the stripping chamber equal to external overall dimensions;
  • better stability in temperature inside the chamber, to safeguard the integrity of pieces to treat and to guarantee treatment optimization;
  • lower thermal dispersion and consequently lower fuel consumption. 

Piromax furnaces fully comply with applicable national and international regulations on emissions. They are in possession of the CE mark, as prescribed by EU directives on accident prevention and by Presidential Decree No. 459 of 24/07/96.



PIROMOTOR furnaces, the result of consolidated experience, ensure functionality, ease-of-use and full compliance with international regulations on emissions;   they have a dual function of drying and removing resin from electric coils and heat strip metal materials.



Models in the PIROMOTOR series were designed to solve particular issues related to removing insulation resin from coils in motors that need to be rebuilt and fully recycled, not only recovering the drive shaft but also copper wiring which naturally can be sold as a byproduct and be recycled. 

The considerable innovation of the current and renewed PIROMOTOR series is in the dual function they perform since they are also used as furnaces for firing insulation resins on motor coils that have just been recycled.

The operating principle in the heat stripping phase of PIROMOTOR furnaces is based on the pyrolytic decomposition of the resin layer that covers the coil to be recycled while in the firing phase a heat system is used that is designed and controlled never to exceed the operating value required for optimal drying of the insulation.



Pirozeta furnaces, made in two models, are characterized by the typical structure of the combustion chamber covered in refractory material that is resistant to high temperatures. Extremely efficient, Pirozeta furnaces are a cost-effective solution but totally reliable for every problem related to paint stripping or pyrolytic elimination of resins and covering containing potentially hazardous substances (PVC).



Paint residue or residue from the film of thermolabile material is removed through a pyrolytic process that favors decomposition in gaseous and inert substances, the latter are then completely oxidized thanks to the combined action (in the afterburner chamber) of temperature, time and excess air.

These features characterize Pirozeta furnaces:

  • Possibility to conduct the entire process with direct flame and at low temperature (not exceeding 450°C in the heat stripping phase) so that no permanent deformation is caused in treated metal components.
  • Constant control of stripping temperature through a heat-adjustment system with microprocessor;
  • No need to handle material to treat both before and after heat stripping;
  • Totally safe to use with accident prevention systems which prevent any possible contact between the operator and the stripping chamber during treatment;
  • Operating costs much lower than many other types of treatment;
  • Extremely low maintenance needs.