CIROLDI SPA from about 50 years produces cremation furnaces, paint stripping ovens, stainless steel products.
We sell around the world, INNOVATING our field.


The Company, based near Modena, has been working for almost fifty years in the design, construction and installation of plants for the thermal destruction and energy enhancement of various types of solid, organic and industrial waste in general, as well as for the recovery of production by-products, such as:

– cremators for corpses and pets

– precious metals, deriving from waste produced by the goldsmith industries

– metal objects and supports, electric motor windings and the like, which can be recovered for use by stripping

– animal meal or similar, obtained from liquid and semi-liquid products of organic origin (for instance, slaughter blood, eggs, etc).

To complete the aforementioned plants, all made in accordance with the regulations in force on the subject, Ciroldi builds and installs very modern and fully compliant ovens for the cremation of bodies and mortal remains.

The production range, divided into different models and sizes, in addition to discontinuous cremators of small and medium capacity, also includes plants operating continuously 24 hours a day for destructive potential of up to 3,000 kg/hr
Several hundred units have been built to date, with installations not only in Italy but also in many foreign countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The company, having its own, well-equipped production workshop for the various parts of the machines, provides for their assembly and testing before delivery.

The technical office, equipped with the most modern IT support, directly takes care of the basic, executive and workshop design of the machines.

The installation of the systems is normally carried out by Ciroldi personnel; an assistance service that makes use of qualified technicians provides for the commissioning and necessary after-sales assistance interventions.

Leader in the World

In addition to the above mentioned plants, for which there are hundreds of references in Italy and in the world, also thanks to the remarkable experience acquired in this field, Ciroldi has developed a structured range of plants for the cremation of corpses.

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