The range of furnaces for pet cremation is set on three different plant series, each consisting of two models with different potentials:

– Serie Minitransit

– Serie Minizeus

– Serie Multiplus

They are anyway horizontal static batch combustion chamber furnaces which, thanks to their design and based on their size, can be used for cremating single carcasses and for cremating groups of carcasses with the ability to recover the remains of each one, and for indiscriminate incineration of several bodies, where it is not necessary to conserve remains.

All models are or can be equipped with what is necessary to meet requirements set forth in Attachment IV of EU regulation no. 1774/2002.



MINITRANSIT furnaces are horizontal static combustion chamber cremation furnaces which, thanks to their exclusive design, are able to cremate, simultaneously or one at a time, a single animal or for indiscriminate incineration of several bodies, where it is not necessary to conserve remains.


The two models that make up the series are designed to meet the need, which is particularly felt by private groups (also those having agreements with veterinary clinics) and institutional bodies that control stray animals, to have a plant that enables cremation of individual pet remains, without taking away the ability to deal with problems related to preventive control.

The MINITRANSIT system, starting from traditional technologies already greatly experimented and with proven reliability from an environmental standpoint, makes it possible to meet the above need and it stands out as a cremation plant that is flexible with low heat output.

In order to optimize use and limit operating costs, the plant is designed to start up when a quantity of carcasses equal to maximum load capacity enters the cremation chamber through the two load hatches, whether it is for individual cremation or group cremation;  carcasses that await the incineration cycle can be conserved in a common cooler.

The Minitransit system was born as a plant with a standard water content reduction device, whose particular design enables overcoming problems related to cremating the remains of pets, in compliance with the most recent applicable national and international regulations (Regulation no. 1774/2002/CE), assuring:

  • Gas emissions in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Low consumption and operating costs.




The “MULTIPLUS” oven is a monobloc crematorium with a horizontal static combustion chamber with a heated surface, whose particular design allows both the cremation of a single animal and the indistinct cremation of several remains of which does not need to be stored. 


The “MULTIPLUS” model plant was created to respond to the need particularly felt by companies which need to be able to cremate several animals at the same time, reducing consumption to a minimum for each cremation cycle.

The system is based on traditional technologies already widely tested and highly reliable from an environmental point of view.

The particular design of these ovens allows to solve the problems related to the cremation of the remains of pet animals according to the recent national and EU provisions on the subject, guaranteeing:

  • Gaseous emissions according to current regulations.
  • Consumption and low running costs.
  • Quick and easy installation and start-up.
  • Minimal maintenance and simple execution.



Its function is to pulverize the cremation ashes which, coming out of the crematorium oven, may have inhomogeneous dimensions and/or aggregates incompatible with those of the final container making final transfer to the urn possible.

The system is made up of a grinder with two blades arranged in a rotating basket with safety closure.

The entire system is contained in a hermetically sealed tank made of stainless steel with an essential but attractive look.


  • Use of easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel and aluminium
  • Stable and secure positioning of the pulverizer thanks to the four feet
  • Variable treatment speed
  • 6 litre tank capacity


    Capacity 6 litres
    Treatment speed 1100 / 2800 rpm
    Dimensions 280 X 280 X 380 mm
    Installed electrical power 1800 w
    230 v / 50hz /1ph

    The most sold tabletop model: robust, effective, easy to clean and arrange.




    Top Static furnaces are batch incinerators, with hot hearth static horizontal combustion chamber, designed mainly for destruction of solid waste with medium – high water content and suitable for heat disposal of animal carcasses and organic waste.

    Besides, these plants are suitable to treat waste produced by farms, kennels, slaughter houses (organic waste) etc. and are also suitable for single and group cremation of pets remains.


    The operating principle of this series exploits the combination of two overlaying combustion chambers that are physically separated from the cremation bed made to convey accumulated heat to the waste to be destroyed laying on it so as to achieve faster drying and more even combustion, thereby reducing operating times and fuel consumption.

    The features that make this series of furnaces stand out are summarized below:

    • Odorless and colorless gas emissions that are fully compatible with common criteria followed for environmental protection;
    • Consumption and operating costs generally lower that those of common cold hearth static furnaces;
    • Simple and quick installation and startup;
    • Reduced and easy maintenance operations.

    Even if not included in standard production, where needed, also these furnaces can be fitted with a reduction system, in addition to all the accessory tools, to ensure compliance with the strictest emissions limits for this type of installation.

    Without prejudice to what is set forth in applicable regulations on fire prevention, TOP STATIC furnaces do not need to be housed in particular facilities: their size and compact structure often enable installation in areas already built.




    Oggi costruire forni crematori significa rispettare costantemente l’ambiente.
    La nostra azienda si attiene scrupolosamente al rispetto di tutti i valori d’emissione prestabiliti dalle più rigorose norme internazionali in materia di tutela ambientale.

    LEGENDA TECNICA forni per animali d’affezione
    1. Camera di combustione
    2. Doppia porta carico/scarico ceneri
    3. Bruciatore camera di combustione
    4. Termocoppia camera di cremazione
    5. Post combustore
    6. Bruciatore post combustore
    7. Termocoppia post combustore
    8. Ventilatore aria comburente
    9. Dispositivo smokeblock
    10. Vasca acqua per smokeblock
    11. Pompa per ugelli smokeblock
    12. Camino
    13. Quadro elettrico e pannello comandi
    14. Sonda rilevazione O2