Plants For Recycling Precious Metals

“The most precious gold is the one you can recycle from waste and production processes. With the new and revolutionary machines by Ciroldi for heat-treatment of waste and shavings for recycling precious metals, this quote is now reality. 

The CKZ series consists of two fully automatic models with capacity of 120 and 200 liters  of net volume in the combustion chamber, heating with electrical resistance without conventional burners and without any moving parts. So all maintenance is reduced to a minimum. On request, custom-made models are also available.

Solid and compact, equipped with a thermal afterburner and a system to reduce emissions, the CKZ machines are designed to last perfectly adapting to any production unit and to meet any applicable regulations on human and environmental safety (also the Ministerial Decree of 5/02/98).  Nowadays gold is discovered (or rediscovered) like this.



CKZ plants, batch and with static treatment chamber, make up one of the most advanced systems in existence for recycling precious metal particles found in waste and shavings from the gold industry directly at the place of production, without the need to resort to special recycling laboratories.


Thanks to their particular technology, featuring a static calcination treatment without direct flame and thermal treatment of fumes without the use of conventional combustion burners, these plants ensure the total absence of dragging precious metal particles, also fine particles that are easily carried by fumes.

Furthermore, the particular purification treatment fumes undergo before being emitted into the atmosphere (consisting of the combination of a thermal after-burning process and a mixed dry-wet reduction system) does not only guarantee a concentration of dusts in emissions always within limits set by EU regulations, but above all it also allows recycling of the smallest fraction of precious metal particles that is contained in fumes.

The entire treatment cycle is controlled by a computerized unit with which it is possible to program the operating temperature and the duration of each process phase at the beginning of the cycle and record, for the entire duration of the cycle.

Impianto recupero metalli preziosi Ciroldi per Lira

Preciuou-metal recovery plant

Preciuou-metal recovery plant for our customer Lira Srl, a company specialising in the recovery of precious metals at its Scandicci (FI) facility.

The plant, manufactured and supported by Ciroldi Spa, is to be integrated into the plant’s production cycle and will interface with the existing fume treatment system and existing emission monitoring system.

The installation required a well -structured and complex design phase to enable the plant to fit into the existing facility layout.