Ciroldi Technical Assistance Each one of our customers enjoys an after-sales service 365 days a year within 24h on installed plants. Our multilingual technical department, sales department and customer-care staff are always at disposal to cater to all your requirements.
Spare parts always in stock
Our warehouse is always well stocked with all our products so customers can be sure their plants will remain competitive and efficient during their operating life cycles.
Daily and special jobs
A network of professional technicians made up of Italian staff and local personnel to always be ready to manage any unforeseen occurrence.
Consultancy during start-up
In a logic of total integration of provided service levels, Ciroldi S.p.A. also offers its customers the following services:
- Feasibility studies, design and construction of plants
- Assistance with Authorization Procedures for the construction and running of plants
- Assistance as regards administrative and tax obligations
- Analysis of the technical and economic performance of plants.
Operator’s and maintenance manual
At the time of first installation and during the test period, we undertake to train plant operators and provide an operator’s manual complete with all references to make you independent as regards routine maintenance.
After-sales technical consultancy
Our technical staff are able to provide you with all the advice you need to ensure your plant is always in line with your production requirements.