Ciroldi SpA of Modena will build the Zeus plant in the monumental cemetery: “It will be modern and respectful of the environment”

Ciroldi: High-tech cremator plants
10 May 2017
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10 May 2017

«Crematorial furnaces designed to last, guaranteed». Thus, on its site, Ciroldi spa, a company based in Modena, has been awarded the “complex integrated” contract for the “executive design and subsequent realization of the new crematorium (oven) at the monumental cemetery in Perugia ». It is announced by the Commune, which will explain the details during a press conference, which will be held in the coming days.

Over half a million Meanwhile, however, some details are already known. The contract was awarded to Ciroldi for a total amount of 539,365.70 euros. “The will of the commune – the administration says – is to create a modern and last generation crematorium.”

Zeus The Ciroldi crematorium plant is called “Zeus” and is “manufactured according to the most modern criteria and cutting-edge technologies to meet the toughest and most diverse needs that the cremation process entails. Highly technological and functional – says the company website – deserves to be placed among the best facilities the European market can offer for the specific area of cremation of fossil and mortal remains. ” “Today,” adds Ciroldi, “building cremation furnaces means constantly respecting the environment. Our company strictly adheres to all the emission values set by the most stringent international standards on environmental protection. “